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Accept/callback parameters

These are the parameters which are returned as GET parameters on both accepturl and callbackurl when the payment is completed.

NameData typeDescriptionAlways returned
txnidInt64Transaction identifier which is created with the payment in Bambora's system. Your reference to the payment.Yes
orderidStringOrder ID linked to the payment in Bambora's system. Your reference to the payment in your own system.Yes
amountIntegerAmount authorised on the customer’s credit card. Minor unitsYes
currencyIntegerCurrency code of the payment.Yes
dateDateThe date of the payment in the format (YYYYMMDD).Yes
timeIntegerTimestamp for the completion of the payment. For instance, the value "1223" equals 12:23 (a.m.).Yes
hashStringMD5 stamp generated by the values of all accept parameters + secret key.Yes
fraudIntegerThis parameter is only transmitted if you've enabled Fraud Fighter. If Fraud Fighter is enabled, this value is 0 if no fraud is detected, and 1 if there is any suspicion that fraud in involved.No
payercountryStringIf Fraud Fighter is enabled, the country code of the payer is returned in ISO 3166 format (AN2).No
issuercountryStringIf Fraud Fighter is enabled, the country code of card issuer is returned in ISO 3166 format (AN2)No
txnfeeIntegerThe transaction fee placed on the customer (in minor units). If no fee is added, the value is 0.Yes
subscriptionidInt64If the parameter subscription is set to 1 and the subscription is created, this will contain the unique identifier for the subscription.No
paymenttypeIntegerThe payment type of the payment.Yes
cardnoStringTruncated card number formatted like 444444XXXXXX4444.No