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FAQ – Payment methods

How to integrate payment methods with Bambora

Read on to see how you integrate various payment methods with Bambora.

How do I add PayPal to my Bambora account?

First you need a PayPal Business account. If you don’t have one, get one here.

Log in to your Bambora administration. Go to Settings -> PayPay integration in the menu, and follow the on-site instructions.

How do I add MobilePay Online to my Bambora account?

You need a merchant agreement with Bambora, Nets, Teller, or Clearhaus to offer payment via MobilePay Online. On your Bambora administration under Settings -> MobilePay signup you can find prices and sign up for MobilePay Online.

When your acquirer has confirmed that you’re approved for MobilePay Online, we will add MobilePay Online on your account.

Put the parameter paymentcollection = 4 to open the payment window with the mobile payment solutions you’ve added. If you only want to show MobilePay, put the parameter paymenttype = 29. The payment window will redirect to MobilePay if MobilePay is your only mobile payment solution.

Please note that you have to add a logo to your payment window – if not added, MobilePay will not accept the payment (this is a requirement of Danske Bank's). You add a logo from your Bambora administration under Settings -> Payment window.

MobilePay Online supports Dankort, Visa/Dankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, and Visa Electron until further notice. Click here to read more about MobilePay Online (in Danish).
We recommend
Place the choice of payment method in the webshop and open the payment window with the chosen payment method (e.g. payment card or MobilePay Online). You might show a short text explaining that MobilePay Online doesn’t yet support Dankort or Visa/Dankort to notify your customer.

If a MobilePay user who hasn’t attached an international payment card tries to pay via MobilePay Online, she’ll see an error message in the MobilePay app.

How do I connect e-conomic to my Bambora account?

Bambora has a module for e-conomic which is easy to use. Find instructions on how to get started in our online guide here.

How do I link SveaWebPay to my Bambora account?

To link SveaWebPay to your Bambora account, you need an account at SveaWebPay.  When you’ve created your account, you have to implement our invoice data.

How do I connect ViaBill to my Bambora account?

This is easy. All you need to do is send your API key to us on, and we’ll connect ViaBill to your account.

Subsequently, you process payments the way you normally do.

How do I link Ekspres Bank to my Bambora account?

To link Ekspres Bank to your Bambora account you must implement our invoice data.

Regarding refunding:
You must refund via Ekspres Bank and contact us to adjust the amount in Bambora.