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Responsive design

Get responsive design with Bambora's payment window

Bambora's payment window can adapt to the size of the screen and will display correctly on smartphones, tablets, and computers (responsive design). By defining different layouts in a CSS file built on media queries, the layout of the window will change when the size of the screen moves below a given pixel size.

Click here for more information on different pixel sizes.

Try example

Click here to try the solution

Please note that the example fetches our cssurl, so if you want to use your own, put it online and fetch it through the field cssurl.

View examples

If you use this solution, the payment window will look like image 1 below on a normal screen (click for a larger image).

On a screen less than 420 pixels wide, the layout of the window changes and looks like image 2 below.

Responsive (without CSS)

Our payment window automatically registers and adapts to the customer’s device. The registration is based on a ‘user agent’.

You can force the mobile payment window by putting the parameter mobile at 2. Click here for a description of the mobile parameter.

To test how this registration works, please download this plugin for Chrome – it’ll show you how the payment window changes according to the ‘user agent’. Notice that mobile MUST be 1 to test.